We supply weapons, armor, clothing and accessories of all types from the Roman Period to the late 19th Century!

Purveyers of fine goods to museums, movie industry, theater, re-enactors, hunters, and collectors.

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*We offer the following services for TV, stage and movie productions:
Extras locating, historical research & consultation, historical military
consultation, armorers services, firearms operation & safety instruction, and wardrobe.
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We have supplied products and services for the following T.V. & movie projects:

-BBC America & Muse Entertainment, "Being Human" (TV series in production 2010).
-Happy Funtime Prod., "Drunk & on Drugs" TV series, 2010.
-Fourth Mate Productions / Disney, "Pirates of the Caribbean IV, On Stranger Tides" Release in 2011.
-Whizbang Films Inc. & Alliance Films, "Hobo With a Shotgun" (Release date 2011).
-RHI Entertainment, Tele Munchen Group & Big Motion Pictures, "Moby Dick". (Post production 2010).
M5 Productions, "M5-Weapons of War", & The Discovery Channel. (Post Prod. 2010).
-Middlemarch Films, "Dolly Madison". (2009-10).
- ARCADIA Entertainment for VISION TV, "I Prophesy".(series in production 2008-09).

-PBS & WGBH TV, "We Shall Remain". (series in production 2008).
-RHI Entertainment, "Sea-Wolf" (in production 2008).
- 20th Century Fox, "Night at the Museum II", "Battle for the Smithsonian". (in production 2008).
- Ferns Productions " Captain Cooke: Betrayal and Obsession in
...the New World"
- CBS "Comanche Moon" with Val Kilmer.
- History Channels' July/06 release, "True Caribbean Pirates".
- Disney Productions, "Pirates of the Caribbean III, At Worlds End".
"September Dawn" by Christopher Cain & Voice Pictures .
Disney Productions, "Pirates of the Caribbean II, Dead Man's Chest"
- Sony Pictures & Columbia Tristar, "Zorro" filmed in Mexico "04-"05.
- PBS production, "The War That Made America" series
- Disney Productions, "Pirates Of The Caribbean I, Curse..Black Pearl "
- 20th Century Fox, "Master And Commander, Far Side of the World "
- Television Series, Salter Streets' "Blackfly", (filmed in Nova Scotia)
- T.V. Documentary, "Halifax Explosion", (filmed in Nova Scotia)
- Touichstone Pictures', "Alamo"
- numerous theatrical productions in the US & Canada including
"Blood Brothers", "The Devils Disciple", "Treasure Island", and "Evangelene"


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- We carry the following lines of products:

1) Euroarms
2) Pedersoli
3) Palmetto Arms (Italy)
... And many more!

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