Loyalist Arms & Repairs Ltd. specializes in historical reproductions of the
highest accuracy and quality.

"Loyalist Arms", as we are commonly known by the living history community and the
movie industry, was founded by Blair Higgins in 1998.

Mr. Higgins is an avid antique gun collector, and amateur historian, with specific interest in colonial, European & military history.
Well aquainted with many historic sites, public military collections, and living history, he decided to establish a gun
smithing/building/importation business.
The aim was to accommodate the many historic reenactors, as well as historic sites, the movie industry, hunters
and collectors of black powder firearms.

The company met with much success and things quickly expanded by 1999.
Loyalist Arms blossomed from a one man operation to a corporation with several employees in different
departments, in just 2 years!!

One of several reasons why Loyalist Arms is so successful, is that we go out of our way to do painstaking research on
the new items we develop.
Our goal has always been, to make the reenactment hobby a safe, historically accurate, and affordable activity as
we can possibly can.
It can take over18 months to collect data, specs, parts, and details on new products. After this, our EXCLUSIVE factories
overseas develop the items for us.
We deal with several factories in Europe and Asia for the bulk of our goods.
Many other items are made here in North America.

Another reason for our success is our most excellent, "old fashioned", customer service.
It is a privilage to serve you, our customers. We need you to help us survive. We make no bones about this.
We do our very best to get your inquiries handled in 24-48 hours even though we often receive upwards of 75 emails a day.
We listen to all our customers questions and assist as best we can, we consider all our customer concerns, and offer all
possible assistance to customers, who have any complaints, (which fortunately, are very rare).
We also listen to our customer input regarding our products, and gladly accept any information that can make our products
as accurate as possible.
You, our customers, are part of our development process, and we welcome your input, suggestions and data.

We also have the best quality goods available, bar none. This is yet another reason for our success.
We import a lot of arms for example, but many of our imports, are received in an unfinished state.
We do all the deburring, polishing of internal parts, tempering, hardening, machining, and wood finishing to
a great number of our guns.
We even do engraving of lock plates and stamping ordinance marks on the metal ware.
We have a machine shop on site as well as an assembly line set up with several trained employees, to accomplish all the finishing work.
We do not simply import an item, take it out of one big box and then ship it to you in a smaller box.
We actually carry out the finish work to many of the items you receive from us, hence our unsurpassed quality.
This added labor makes our products slightly more expensive than our competitions goods, but as a result, our customers
will have the assurance of top quality, accuracy, and an excellent warranty to back their purchase up.
We like to think of many of our products as "semi custom" produced goods.
A true saying is as follows: "You Get What You Pay For". In other words, "Cheaper isn't always a bargain".

Finally, but most importantly, we credit our success to our Lord Jesus.
He has been there from the beginning and continues to assist us today.


We have several, EXCLUSIVE companies producing many firearms, accessories, and parts for us.
We have another exclusive company producing our swords and bayonets.
Many other products are imported from craftsmen in the USA as well as within Canada.
Although some of our competitors offer similar goods, on many occassions, we actually initiated the
development of the specific item and had them produced for us by our own associate, overseas factories.
Our items can, and have been copied over time,
but our "hands on" quality and finish can never be copied.

If another importer tells you that their product, is made by the same
factory as Loyalist Arms', don't believe them !!
If you have any questions about this, please ask us. Not all imported goods are made by the same factories.
Also, if someone claims to be one of our dealers, please feel free to verify this with us.
We would be pleased to advise you on this subject.
We have some of our dealers listed on our web site, and new ones are coming on board.
We are proud of our hard working dealers and support them as much as we possibly can.
We also want to protect our customers from fraudulant claims, so please contact us with any dealer questions..

We are always on the look out for new and unusual products to develop and are continually expanding our lines.
You just never know what you will see offered on our web site next, or what company we may be dealing with next.
There are a lot of untapped resources for reproductions in the world, so keep posted to our site.

The staff and Management of Loyalist Arms & Repairs would like to offer our sincerest thanks for your
patronage and interest in our products.
We look forward to serving you in the future.
God Bless you all.