Pre-Seven years War / F&I War and early Rev. War Period, Double Frog, Sword And Bayonet Belts

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Commonly used by both British and French forces.
These were also used right into the Rev. War by many militia units and some Continental troops.
Made of buff white leather or natural russet/tan, with correct pattern double "D", brass buckle.
Our belts are sold in kit form, so the customer can cut to fit their waist size and punch the necessary holes.
Kit includes belt, leather thong, and buckle.
These are pictured in Neumann's, "Swords & Blades of the American Revolution" pages twenty-five and twenty-seven.

PRICE: $79.00 CAN.    $59.00 US.

Cartridge Box / Bayonet Combo Sling

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- French style Fusilier's sholder belt / sling, 1770's - 80's period.

- Used by French forces in North America as well as the Continental Army during the Rev. War.

- Buff white leather with the bayonet frog sewn on the front of the sling.

- They are pictured in Neumann's, "Swords & Blades of the American Revolution" page twenty-seven.

- PRICE: $75.00 CAN.    $55.00 US.

Bayonet Sling

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- British pattern, 1760's - 70's.

- Used throughout the mid to late 1700's, especially favoured by the Artillery Units.

- Made of buff white leather.

- This style bayonet sling was also used right into the Napoleonic period.

- They are pictured in Neumann's, "Swords & Blades of the American Revolution" page twenty-five.

- PRICE: $75.00 CAN.    $55.00 US.

Sword Sholder Belt / Sling For Mounted Troops, (British & American)

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- Common Dragoon pattern used throughout the Rev. War period.

- Buff white leather with proper pattern brass buckle.

- Sold in kit form so the customer can adjust to his own length. Kit includes brass buckle and sling. Two buckle styles available.

- They are pictured in Neumann's, "Swords & Blades of the American Revolution" page fifty-seven.

- PRICE: $79.00 CAN.    $59.00 US.

Standard width Musket Sling. Buff White, Black, And Tan Color.

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All slings are long enough to accommodate any musket from many periods.

Sold as kits with sling, thong, and buckle. Approx. 1 3/8 wide. Customer can trim to fit, and place buckle where needed.
(Buckle is 18th C. style. Will soon have 19th C. style available).

PRICE: $33.00 CAN.    $24.00 US.

Pirate and Early European style Sword, Shoulder sling, with buckle.

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This sword sling is similar to our competitors, however, they are made a bit longer to accommodate taller men.
Will fit right up to a person 6'5" tall. Sling is 2 3/4 wide.
Available in both natural brown and Black. Frog is left open to accommodate any size sword
scabbard, esp. the wide pirate cutlass styles.
Price: $77.00 Cdn./$58.00 US.

Pirate Large Waist Belt

Our new wide waist belt, (2 3/4 inch), will fit up to a 44 inch waist easily.
Available in Black or Natural Brown with large round style buckle.
The perfect belt to tuck your pistol into.
Price: $75.00Cdn./55.00US.

Waist Belt with hand forged IRON buckle, medieval period to mid 18th Century.

A heavy waist Belt, (2 3/4 width), with hand forged iron buckle.
Timeless style correct for everything from Knights to Pirates, to Gentlemen.
Available in natural Brown and Black.
Belt measures 54 inch long, not including buckle. Will fit 46" waist and less.
$75.00 US/ $55.00 Cdn.

Musketeer Bandolier with Apostoles
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