Pirates Seeking Reproduction Pistols

Ladies & Gentlemen {Rogues},

I have clapped my eyes upon and sampled the Loyalist Arms pistols & must say, they are supremely well made, even though fashioned by the Royal East India Co. lascars!

And yes, the so called dragoon pistol is more than appropriate for late 17th to even up to the Rev. War period as a sea service pistol. This piece looks like actual ones from the 1670s & up.

I have a photo of one carved into a distinquished naval captain's tomb built in the 1690's!

I Remain Your Humble Servant,

Thom *****

New Blunderbuss :

Hello Loyalist Arms,

Just letting you know that the Blunderbuss arrived on Thursday. It looks great. I must say I couldn't be more pleased and I can't wait for it to make it's
debut with The Royal **** (my re-enactment unit) this weekend. Once again, it's been a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do more in the future. In the mean time, I and my fellow Royal **** will continue to recommend you at all events we attend.

Thank you,