Early To Mid 18 Cent. French Marine Cartridge Box

- It has 9 holes, with the wood block, and is excellent quality, hand crafted with a double flap. Quality leather & stitching, burgundy upper flap, with white trim & anchor.

- These "Belly boxes" were copied from detailed pictures and a hand assembled sample, from an original.

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- This cartridge box would be suitable for pre F & I War, 7 Years War, as well as the Rev. War period.

- They are pictured in Chartrand's, "The French Soldier in Colonial America" on pages thirty-two and thirty-five, and in Spring's, "The French Marines, 1754-61" on pages fifty and fifty-one

- PRICE: $85.00 CAN.    $57.50 US.

Enfield Style, (Cal. 577), Am. Civil War Pattern Cartridge Box

- Also used for the .58 cal. Springfield rifled muskets.

- Comes with shoulder sling.

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- This is a very common pattern being offered by many sutlers, however, they always offer the sling separate.

- Ours is competitively priced, with the sling included.

- PRICE: $50.00 CAN.    $32.00 US.


- More cartridge boxes coming soon!

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