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A few shots from our "Morgans Retreat" photo series.

Captain Morgans crew had but one last trip to make back to shore, to pick up the remainder of the spoils from their
successful invasion of a town at Lake Maracaibo.
Without warning, the Spanish attacked; regrouping at the last moment, in a desperate effort to save their pride and
hopefully bag the few buccaneers, left guarding the last of their ill gotten plunder.
Will a few exhausted buccaneers fend off a counter attack from the determined Spanish garrison, or will
they become food for the sharks?

in the hot Caribbean sun, the enemies clash.

With a lucky thrust to the right shoulder, the buccaneer disables the Spaniard.
Enough time is gained to allow Morgans returning men to land and assist the few buccaneers guarding
the booty. Evenso, the buccaneers must retreat, leaving a few crates of goods on shore.
The Spanish win the final battle, but have lost most of their prized possessions to that infamous buccaneer,
Captain Morgan.
More pictures coming soon...

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