Loyalist Arms and Repairs, is pleased to introduce our new 1720's French Cavalry pistol.
We are constantly looking for new products to develop, to fill the need for early arms and accessories.
Early French officer re-enactors as well as Navy and Marines, now have a proper pistol to use
and display with pride, researched/developed by, and made exclusively for Loyalist Arms.

This pistol has all the same dimensions as the 1733 pattern, except the lock has no bridle on the
frizzen and the lock plate is just slightly longer.

Prior to the king's pattern pistol of 1733, most French pistols followed approximate measurements and styles,
however, much was left up to the individual gun builder to design, depending on his customers requirements
and the
builders tastes.


Details of tang carving and octagon to round barrel, typical of the early French design, from around
the 1690's-1740's.
Barrel is 12 inch long in .62 cal.with octagon section approx. 5 inch long.
The squared flash pan and somewhat squared frizzen are also common to these early pistols.
Some barrels had a cannon muzzle and others had barrel lengths up to 14 inches, however, we have chosen to
use the more common tapered octagon, fading to round design.

Details of accurate relief carving around lock and trigger guard area.
This exquisitely designed, yet rugged pistol was predominately an army officers and cavalry firearm, however,
it was also commonly used the French Navy and Marines.
Many of these pistols were sent to Acadia, Canada, and the Louisiana territory as well as the
Caribbean islands under French rule.
This beautiful pistol is an excellent reproduction that would fit nicely into the golden age of piracy era, as well
as the F&I war/Seven Years War, and Rev. War. Some even lasted into the 1812 and Napoleonic era.
Many were imported,(as surplus), to the American colonies from France during the Rev. War, while others
were captured during the battle of Quebec and held in reserve.

This is one of our most beautiful pieces.
Order yours today.

Price: $399.00 US / $533.00 Cdn.


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